Generative Change, developed and taught by Stephen Gilligan, PhD., honors the whole person, and the deeper callings of ones life. With Milton Erickson’s utilization approach of changing core problems into resources, transformative shifts are facilitated through hypnosis and the power of the unconscious mind. Gilligan’s work builds on Erickson’s, offering new pathways to solutions, but also accessing the deeper generative or creative soul innate in every person.

In Generative Change, we access resources from the creative centers in each state of our being;  the cognitive mind’s abilities to concentrate, discern and lead; the somatic/physical self’s ability to sense, intuit, and process; and the larger connection with the “field” or flow: as in the broader energies of nature or spirit. As we tap into the inter-relatedness of these states, an  expanded vocabulary of self enables profound openings and growth.

In the process of exploring the interplay between knowing,  sensing, and flowing,  the energies of compassion, fierceness, and playfulness inform our work. Generative Change is a flexible approach that reaches into the core of our being, seeking  to reconnect one with true self-sponsorship of the soul; bringing a new creative responsiveness to life.

I have studied with Stephen Gilligan for over twenty years, and continue to embrace the beautiful wholeness and immense healing ability his teachings hold. Learn more about Dr. Gilligan and his work here.