7 Notes to Freedom: 

Recovering Vocal Presence

All Day Workshop for Healing Professionals and Explorers.

Saturday, June 17, 2017,  10 am to 4 pm

Boulder, Colorado

The voice mirrors our internal, relational, and universal experiences. As a somatic therapist working with clients recovering from trauma as well as with those yearning to find their own authentic creative voices, I have found that there are 7 identifiable elements, or aspects, to recovering one’s authentic vocal presence. In conceiving of these “7 Notes to Freedom”, I have listened to the ‘waves’ of the human voice, and have noted ways to work with each element of vocal expression. Naming and working with  these 7 archetypal patterns has helped me to skillfully respond to and guide the transformational work of the voice.

Teaching the 7 Notes to Freedom, we will engage body and voice exercises in 7 areas of vocal expression.  “Centering“, “Boundary Calls“, and “Medicine Songs” are the basis of core vocal presence; the protective space that nurtures our authenticity; and the art of creating and receiving songs that guide individual paths.

Deeper and unvoiced  aspects of the self will be explored through “Ghost Notes“, or the muted voices within, and “Undulation“, the rhythmic practice of releasing  the immobilization of trauma and opening vocal presence. We then explore direct connections with the larger self and nature via “Field Notes“, and enter a more expansive relationship with the world as we uncover our own “Freedom Songs“.

This workshop is for clinical and healing professionals and explorers. Please contact me to find out more about it!
Cost for the whole day is $135.
There will be a one hour break for lunch.

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SpiritSong! Awaken to your soul’s voice.

An ongoing monthly circle in Boulder, Colorado.

I am very pleased to offer this liberating intuitive song practice to groups!

Created by Shawna Carol, SpiritSinging is “simply the process of allowing the healing power of song to flow through us”. In a safe and small circle of souls, we ground, breath, and listen deeply for the intuitive song that emerges. Circles will include chanting, poetry, sharing, and of course, the freedom and beauty of SpiritSong.

BEGINS MONDAY, JULY 10, 2017 from 7 to 9 pm, $35 each circle.
We will keep this a small circle, so contact me now to join!