profile-shot-1Somatic and Vocal Psychotherapy work that heals trauma and generates creativity.

At critical junctures in life we sometimes lose our bearings. The “self’ we have known may no longer fit, and we may question where we belong. Depression, fear and post-traumatic symptoms are unwanted visitors that inhibit our freedom. They can drain our vitality, and call our attention inward. They let us know that there is something that needs our attention.

There is one simple truth my work as a psychotherapist embodies.  No matter how insurmountable your problems feel, you have a deep Self that will never abandon you. Your healing and generative power lie within you, and all around you.

A greater wholeness is waiting to greet you.

Utilizing a skillful mix of psychotherapeutic, somatic, and creative practices, I can help you attune to your core intuitive self. With over twenty-seven years of experience in results oriented psychotherapy, natural trance, and intuitive vocal approaches; plus certification in the amazing trauma recovery path of  Somatic Experiencing; I am ready to guide you in finding your own confident steps forward. I am a gentle, grounded, and experienced therapist and mentor, with an open heart, a steady hand, and a clear eye.

Your voice is a transformative conduit.

The cutting edge of my work can be found in  E.V.E.: Essential Voice Expression™ . Essential Voice is an intuitive vocal practice to transform trauma and enter creative flow.  With E.V.E. you can discover and empower your deepest strengths like never before.  Through vocal exploration and body awareness, you will enter and release places of wounded-ness, doubt,  and disconnection.  E.V.E. re-integrates the core parts of yourself, so that you can connect with your aliveness, and once again live from a place of authenticity. This work requires no “skill” on your part – on the contrary – the practice is one of curiosity and discovery.

In all our work, safety and kindness are our guideposts.

This means that each step of the way; whether it is in psychotherapy, trancework, or vocal work; the pacing is determined by your own rhythms and readiness. YOU are the expert on you, after all – and it is my job to attune to your own best path.

The end result is that you will find your voice again; your core Self. Your creative voice,  your inner guidance, and your confident self expression are waiting to come alive. The “end” in fact will be the beginning of your new story:  full of possibilities and curiosities, and the willingness and strength to explore the constellations of your life.

Please call me or email with any questions you may have, or to schedule an initial consultation. I’d love to hear from you.

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