Something is calling your name.

What in your life is capturing your notice right now? Is there something in your life that can no longer be ignored? Whatever stirrings you feel – internal rumblings, echoes of old patterns, or thunderous changes that shake your world – it is essential to listen to these “wake-up calls”. As we discover the innate capacities of your creative mind, feeling senses, and intuitive voice; pathways will open to a broader experience of authenticity and belonging.

Begin with a sound

Our work begins in listening to your body within deeper states of awareness. Locating your core strengths – within and without – we find the paths to your best self. Listening to the sound of your unique voice – even at its most raw – we tune into the vital energy that is waiting to be heard. As a “well-seasoned” psychotherapist I honor the creative potential of each individual.

Every life has its own unique unfolding, and I am honored to be a guide along your way.

Explore your voice…

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The Width of the Day

I am up extra early today, on the Summer Solstice, not wanting to miss a second of the many light-filled minutes ahead. The sky, in a mercy of gentleness, offers a cover of soft white. But we know where the sun is; we can’t be fooled. The birds sing. The trees are fully fluffed with […]

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Moth Breath

Let a breath come into you. Let it arrive in the place of your felt sense, the place of your ache, your uncertainty, your longing: whatever is coming up in this moment for you in your body and your heart. Let a soft sound arrive in this place, and let a sound be carried on the […]

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In Her Voice

How do we as women show up in the world? How do we claim our presence as unique individuals, as well as part of a very important movement into greater feminine consciousness? Our voices are not only about creative expression, they are also a very real vocalization process that engages the core of our sensory […]

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