When we release what’s no longer needed, we discover deeper truths.

We are living in a time of big changes; collectively, and individually. For many of us, old identities seem to be falling away. How do we navigate our lives? When old traumatic imprints surface, we may find ourselves lost and uncertain.

Now is the time to uncover the gifts that are waiting to be unearthed. As we work together finding creative solutions, we access your felt sense of your body’s ‘stuck’ vibrations; releasing old patterns that no longer serve you.  Through curiosity, and sensing your own deeper, true resonance, a new connection with your authentic self will greet you.

With many clients, vocal exercises help release old wounds, and intuitive sounding enables the discovery of one’s true voice.  For others, developing skills of increased awareness and deeper states of consciousness are transformative.

Each client, and each session, present a different path toward healing and wholeness.

I invite you to “tune in” with me and begin your own process of discovery. There are new challenges, and new possibilities, awaiting you. Let’s make the most of it.

Connect with me safely in my private office, or on zoom.

As our world begins to open up again, many of us are ready to meet in person. My office is comfortable and well ventilated, and I welcome your visit to my space.

We are all now familiar with the Zoom platform as well. For those at a further distance, or preferring a more secure safety protocol, this format remains a very effective and viable option.

Let’s be creative with our work, talk about the best format for you. Letting go of old paradigms, we can surprise ourselves with some truly innovative ideas. Email or give me a call.

Schedule a session.

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