Bridge the distance between fate and grace.

Amidst the personal and collective trauma in our lives, feelings of helplessness can loom large.  Facing the unknown can constrict us into fearful places. But there is more.

In our work with Somatic and Vocal Psychotherapy, we tune into deeper states of awareness. Listening to the ‘music’ of the body, you can release trauma and find your vital energies waiting to be heard. In mindful conversations we discover creative solutions. And with skills that widen your awareness, new loving connections within and without can be found.

Now is the time to find a new grace. Beyond the places of our frozen fears lies new possibility. Reach for it.

Online Therapy offers a new way to connect.

I am now seeing clients online, and it is amazing. Working with the video platform of Zoom or on the telephone, we bridge the distances of our separation, and meet in a ritual space of healing and transformation.

I invite you to take advantage of this new way of engaging in psychotherapy and mentoring. Schedule a  video session and begin an extraordinary journey of creative therapy and discovery.

Schedule a session.

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As I stepped out my front door, this morning, I listened to the woodpeckers tapping a half mile away. I heard the ringing bell of a child’s bicycle across many blocks. It was as if my awareness and sensing now had a chance to widen.  We each have increased space in our lives, in one […]

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