Somatic Psychotherapy for your heart, soul, and voice.

In this time of  personal and collective upheavals, periodic feelings of helplessness and uncertainty are unavoidable. Facing the unknown can constrict us into fearful places.  The core of who we are, and the possibilities of our creative lives, may be overshadowed. How do we return to who we are? How do we reconnect with our own vital presence, and to the song of our own heart?

Our work together focuses on unearthing the vital healing gifts of your true nature.  As you listen to the sensations, or ‘music’, of your body, you  release your trauma and find the vital energies waiting to be heard.  As you discover creative solutions in your mind, expansive conversations lead to new possibilities. And when you inquire into the wisdom of your own heart and soul, you discover the hidden loving connections that you have been yearning for.

After thirty years of experience in both traditional and transformational approaches, I am able to offer a uniquely designed therapy for each individual client. The “tools” in our work together include  Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing™,  Stephen Gilligan’s Generative Change and Trance-work,  and my own intuitive vocal approach, Essential Voice Expression™.

Extend beyond the places of your frozen fears and spread your wings into new possibility. Now is the time to find a new grace.

Connect with me with Zoom sessions or safely in my private office.

During this time of social distancing, the safest way to work together is via video platforms. I have found that we can do amazing work together this way, meeting privately on Zoom in a ritual space of healing and transformation.

At the same time, I am now setting up safety protocols in my office to protect our mutual health, and ensure that we are shielded from exposure to COVID-19.

Let’s talk about the best format for you. If this pandemic time is asking anything of us, it is to be creative! Letting go of old paradigms, we can surprise ourselves with some truly innovative ideas. Email or give me a call.

Schedule a session.

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