May Day

Today is May 1. A good day to begin ‘birdsong’, my new blog. May Day, or Beltane as it was known in days of ‘olde’, is a celebration of life. Seedlings, blossoms, sprouting shoots. A day to dance, and celebrate life’s sensuality.

Even in the slow growth of a cool cloudy day like today, something is moving. Something, on this quiet day, is cracking open a new layer. Something is doing its own special love-dance.

Tomorrow the day will look and feel different, and I might wonder how I didn’t notice that yellow flower before, or that interesting bird’s call. I might look out the window and wonder: how did that green patch of grass suddenly appear?

Tomorrow I may wonder how it all slipped by me, so imperceptibly. Perhaps it will feel like it has in some springs, like a whole month has gone by in one day.

What senses can I access today to listen deeper, to feel what moves underground and behind the veil of stillness?