Moth Breath

Let a breath come into you. Let it arrive in the place of your felt sense, the place of your ache, your uncertainty, your longing: whatever is coming up in this moment for you in your body and your heart.

Let a soft sound arrive in this place, and let a sound be carried on the out-breath. Let the sound softly edge its way in and make contact with the sensing in your being. Let it weave through, around, between; allow the sensing  to become sounding; given air and vibration. This is a small visit. Like a moth on a lampshade. It might flap its wings a bit. Perhaps a few moths will land there, and flap.

You are informed by it, observing it, letting it happen. Perhaps a slight bump will be heard, edged on your heart beat. Perhaps your in-breath or out-breath will amplify it, or diminish it. Observe, like a cat watching the moth on the lampshade.

Now see where it goes. Does it move to another sensing in your being? Another lampshade? A window? Let your body adjust its observation point and make room to orient to this new place. The cat lifts her back legs, stretches her front paws, and shimmies a bit. 

Perhaps the moth is a butterfly, or a stink-bug. Perhaps it is a bat. Perhaps a horse fly, or a honey bee. Your cat is watching.

Breathe in and let the vibration tag along. Breathe out and visit the places in you of sensing hurt, curiosity, or delight. What is there? Where does it go? What happens next?

Breathe in that question. “What happens next”? 

Breathe out.

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