The Singing Bowl

I have a beautiful big crystal singing bowl in my Boulder office. I often ring it… or let it tone… as a way to center with clients in session. Sometimes we tone along with it, in harmony.

I love this bowl, and am coveting many more. They are costly, but oh so restorative and sweet.

It is interesting that each time I “sing” the crystal bowl, it sounds different. Each time, my hand is different, and the feeling is different. I experiment with the pace of the circling…  the lightness of the pressure… the rhythm… the consistency… the length of each “singing” period for the bowl. These are qualities of our voices as well. And yet somehow, the bowl teaches me something new.

With the crystal singing bowl, I am in relationship with a “voice” that is outside of me, but somehow part of me, at the same time. I am learning that I cannot simply “bend” it to my will: that I must listen deeply to it, and respond to it without judgment or expectation.

The bowl teaches me about sound and spirit. I am its humble student.