The Risk to Blossom

.. and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
 – attributed to Anais Nin

This beautiful quote is so sensorily evocative. One can viscerally experience the sensations of the tightness of the bud and how painful it can be in life to scrunch in, to constrain oneself, to hold in one’s essence. That feeling of not being ready, hesitation, fear of what’s next, fear of the world.

But sooner or later, it dawns on us that our genetic make up is akin to that of a flower. As human beings we are designed to grow and expand: this is human nature. We are made to express our beauty. And at some point, there comes the realization that to not follow our innate design is a betrayal of the self.

Is there a decision made? To take the risk to blossom? Or is it simply what the world has in store for us? That at some point, the sun will shine, and our thirst will be quenched. And destiny will take over: we will open in a shock of color.

A wise person once reminded me that in life, there are two choices: either contracting or expanding. There is no standing still. There is no neutral. Resting? Fallow time? Yes. But even in the still moments, nourishment makes its way to our roots.

To embrace our innate design, this is what reclaiming one’s essence means. It is recognizing our natural unfolding, and allowing one’s own unique destiny to emerge.

In my work as a somatic psychotherapist and vocal healer, I have discovered that the voice itself is a great gift: it carries one’s essence, and shows the way out of constriction. It leads us into the possibility of full expression of self, of essence, of blossoming.

Voice, art, creative curiosity in the wilderness of life: these are paths that remind us of the true nature of being human. Our ancestors knew this. Anais Nin knew this. And we can too.
Words and photo by Celia Bockhoff, all rights reserved.